Following you find a lexicon with all explanations to the most important terms regarding control units for cranes as well as for construction, transportation and lifting machinery.

brake resistor
brake resistors
braking resistor
braking resistors
CAM Controller
chopper resistors
container crane
container crane equipment
container cranes
container terminals
Control lever
control stands
crane components
crane control equipment
Crane Control Unit
crane control unit / Unité de commande de grue
Crane Control Units
Crane controller
crane equipment
crane joystick
crane joysticks
Crane Operating Systems - Hoisting Application
crane operation systems
crane operator unit FSBD
crane resistor
crane resistors
crane switch
Crane-control units/ operator`s consoles
deck rail
deck- rail
Drive controller, drive brake controller
dynamic brake resistor
Electro Hydraulic / Excavators / Loaders
Fork Lift Trucks
Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane controller
Gantry Crane Operator Consol Unit
Handle Design/ Palm Grip
harbor technology
harbour crane equipment
harbour technology
haven crane technology
heavy duty controller
heavy duty controllers
heavy duty joystick
heavy-duty controller
High Voltage Resistors
Hoist Switch Factory
hoisting applications
industrial controller
industrial joysticks
industrial resistor
industrial switchgear
Joystick Controllers
Load banks
Load Resistors
Load Units
Marine Winch Control Stations
Master / Cam Controllers
Master Controller
Master controllers with HALL/ CAN/ Bus or Profibus interfaces
Master-control unit
Mastercontroller/ Master Controller
materials-handling technology
Materials-Handling-Equipment / Fork-Lift Trucks
metals and mining technologies
Mill duty controllers
mining and tunnelling
mining equipment
mining industry equipment
mining technology
Multi-axis Controller
naval switch technology
Offshore/ Ship Propulsions
operator cabin equipment
operator chair
Operator control unit
Operator control units
operator desks
operator`s control
Palm Grip
pedal - controller
Pedals, foot switches
Pointing device
port crane equipment
port technology
Portable Control Chestpacks
Portable control station
Portable control stations
Portable operator console
potentiometer Mastercontroller
Power Resistor
Power Resistors
Professional Industrial Joystick
quay crane joystick
rail controllers
Rail Train Controller
Rail train systems
Remote Control Systems
rocker switch pedal
Rotary Controllers
rotoric resistors
Rubber Tired Gantery Crane
Setpoint Controller
Ship cranes
ship deck rail
ship supplies
Ship to Shore crane
shipping crane
stainless steel resistor
statoric resistors
steel mills
Straddle carrier operator unit
Straddle carrier operator units
swivelling Crane control unit
swivelling motorized Crane control unit
Tower Crane
wirewound resistor
wirewound resistors

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