Our production program includes a diverse range of controllers, control stations, resistors, starters, in addition to a broad spectrum of controls for all types of transport machinery, construction and shipping cranes. Our comprehensive series production is customisable in many different ways according to specific needs.

Here you find a list of our old and new type names.

Additionals, Handles
Handles with various types and with different inserts.
Controllers for AC and DC with various types and models for different application.
Synchrotransmitter, Potentiometer and Encoders
as attachments to controllers.
Portable control stations
Portable control stations for remote control, applicable for the installation of master controllers or other inserts.
Pendants applicable for the installation of master controllers or other inserts.
Operator control units
Non-rotating or rotating, control units with various adjustments, manually or electrically operated.
Pedals, foot switches
Pedals and foot switches with contacts and potentiometers for industrial machinery.
On deck controller
On deck controller or other inserts for ship building.
Wire wound, cast or grid resistors as various models with or without ventilation.
Starters air cooled or oil immersed, regulators, selector switch commutators, cam cut-off switches and contactor units for direct or remote control.
Spare parts
Spare parts for master controllers, handles and operating units.
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