Company Spohn + Burkhardt

Spohn + Burkhardt was founded in 1920 by Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt in Blaubeuren, Germany and continues to be family owned to this day.

The product line has grown from a small offering of transfer switches to a full line of products including joysticks, control stations and resistors, known worldwide for unmatched design and quality.

Our complete line of industry leading control products are manufactured at two facilities in Southern Germany. Sheet metal fabrication, finishing,resistor assembly and control system wiring is done at the facility in Schelklingen while corporate headquarters, controllers, controller accessories and control system final assembly resides in Blaubeuren.

The plant in Schelklingen boasts state of the art fabrication equipment that allows quick turnaround and the highest of quality for all customer requirements, including custom designs per customer specifications.

Our team of product developers and engineers work to create the most innovative new products in response to today‘s quick changing and demanding requirements. We offer purpose built mechanical systems that integrate innovative electronics into all products. With industry leading engineering expertise and decades of experience, we work alongside our customers from start to finish in order to provide solutions to all of their control requirements.

We are prideful of this ability and see it as one of our many strengths and the foundation of our success.

Due to our size our strength lies in the unbeatable advantage of having the ability to be flexible and able to respond quickly and efficiently to new technological advances for any market throughout the world.

Made in Germany for more than 90 years.