Product innovations

Multifunctional armrest

Modern design and sophisticated functionality are trademarks of the new multifunctional armrest for control stations.

Its continuously variable tilt and optional length extension make it ideal for ergonomic work. The contact area is padded with a gel cushion for maximum comfort. Of course, we can also install matching joysticks and command devices according to your requirements.

Perfect for every application!

The new handle G50

The compact handle G50  expands the control functions of a joystick by a further axis.

By turning the spring-centered handle clockwise or counter-clockwise, a potentiometric output signal is generated which, together with the directional paths integrated in the potentiometer, can be used for a wide variety of control tasks.

Face lift for joysticks VNS0 and VCS0

We have improved our classic joysticks VNS0 and VCS0 with new rubber boots.

They give them a modern appearance and a higher IP protection rating.