First-class joysticks for all sectors

Industrial joysticks from Spohn + Burkhardt are truly jacks of all trades. They are used in all sectors from agriculture to transport engineering.

You can perform a multitude of functions with the precision joysticks, which is why a unique product is ultimately created out of every standard version. This is a result of our inquiry prior to production about what the joystick is used for and where and how often it is used.

We take into account the conditions of your industrial branch and produce everything from the individual unit to the series according to your requirements. 


Joysticks are currently used in all sectors: in port crane control application, in construction machinery, in agricultural technology, in shipping applications, in conveyor, drive technology and transport engineering and in plant construction. They are highly functional and can be equipped with suitable accessories.

In the process, you must be able to rely on the durable, safe and reliable operation of the precision joysticks. And, of course, they have a long service life. And that is precisely what we implement each day.

Experience over several decades has taught us something: a joystick is not just a joystick. Therefore, the discussion with our customers is absolutely necessary. In order to produce a reliable joystick, we have to know how and where it will be used. What special details must be taken into account? Which are the prevailing conditions in the work environment? Our wide assortment of joysticks, handles, buttons and electrical components offer a variety of combination possibilities. Consequently, we can also realize special and even complex customer requirements quickly and without complication.

For example, we ask the following questions:

  • Functionalities: How often is the joystick used? Which functions should it be used to perform? How may switch stages are used? Should it be 1, 2 or 3-axle?
  • External conditions: Must it withstand extreme temperatures? Should it be weatherproof or saltwater resistant? Does it come into contact with oil, ozone or UV radiation?
  • Workload: In which sector is the joystick used? How large may it be? How heavy may it be? What is the installation situation like? How precise are the tasks that it is used to perform?
  • Electrical components: Which attachments, connections and installations are necessary? Is the joystick used in an explosive environment? Should dead man's function be integrated? Which signals should be output?

Here is a brief overview of our individual joysticks:

ST0, ST1, ST2, ST4

Use in control consoles, construction and municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, work platforms: solid and compact; automatic resetting / switch stages / locking contact and momentary contact positions; friction brake / mechanical locking; equipment with microswitches / double contact elements / potentiometers / absolute value encoders; integrated bus interface; valve amplifier; ST4 is weatherproof


Mini-joystick for applications in portable panels and as a control switch for auxiliary functions: low weight, resistant to ozone, UV radiation / oil / saltwater; switch stages / analogue application with potentiometer; equipment with double contacts / microswitches / analogue sensors; simple / compound drive; optional pushbutton in the handle; standard stop / X-Y connecting link


Lightweight joystick for cranes, control stations, portable control station, special devices: for medium-duty applications; drive block with protective insulation; optional zero position, horn, or dead man's contact; up to four double contact elements per axis; various switching connecting links; installation of potentiometer/encoder and the widest range of handles


Robust jack of all trades for hard use, e.g. in the steel industry and cement plants, waste incineration, harbors: Ex applications; resistance to ozone / UV radiation / oil saltwater; simple / compound drive; contact blocks with up to twelve units; custom detents and programmed cam discs; optional silver / gold contacts; numerous combination possibilities with our handles; installation of potentiometers / optoelectronic sensors / bus systems


Compact joystick: Series with a variety of adaptation possibilities; 2-axis; bus connection; installation of potentiometer; standard / special connecting links; special versions possible


Bus profile for difficult applications in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry and special machines: for precise work; installation of Hall / potentiometer / up to three switch contacts; integration of bus or amplifier circuit boards


High-performance joystick for agricultural technology and the construction sector: simple integration into complex control consoles; wear-free 3D Hall sensor system; extreme compact; various connecting links / reliefs / handle shapes


All-metal joystick for control stations and control stands: for the highest precision; gentle and exact control with a solid brass gear and oil-damped rotation damper; analogue output signals with potentiometer / Hall sensors


Joysticks that withstand the corrosion of saltwater, among other things, are used on ships, oil rigs and in steel mills. This includes the ST1, the NS0-SFA and the NS2KA with a high IP protection rating. They are extremely resistant to corrosion with a chrome-plated silumin cast console. Control is stepped or continuously variable, locking, with reset or friction brake.

Of course, we also produce special solutions. They are adapted to your individual requirements. For example, there are solutions with a double lever drive. A special solution is the mini steering wheel, which is used in agricultural and construction machinery. The mini steering wheel has a precise, zero-play steering gear and hydraulic damping of the rotational movement.

These are the advantages you expect from Spohn + Burkhardt:

  • With our extensive experience and our wide product range, we produce the perfectly matching joystick for every customer in our module system. And, if necessary, we mill or combine parts entirely to create new joysticks or develop an entirely custom joystick for extraordinary requirements.
  • From individual joysticks to large series, we can accommodate all of your orders.
  • You will not have to wait long for your order, because our production and delivery times are short. This is thanks to our modular system and our worldwide distribution network.

So: Please contact our sales department. We'll be glad to help you.