Rotary module

3rd axis for joysticks.

The compact DM rotary module converts a mechanical rotary movement into electrical output signals and can be used for various applications. For example, it extends the control functions of a joystick by one more axis. For this purpose, the module is installed between the joystick and the handle, covered by a rubber boot. The module can be installed in various joystick/handle combinations. Other applications are possible, e.g. fixed mounting on one side or mounting on a fixed shaft. The standard angle of rotation to the left or right is 25°, the return to the centre position is made by a spring. An integrated contactless Hall sensor system provides redundant analogue output signals as well as 2 digital direction signals. The module, developed for high requirements and operating conditions, shows its reliability in mobile machines (in the construction, agricultural and forestry sectors) and in a wide variety of cranes.