Safe technology for cement plants

Safety has the highest priority in the cement plant. Protect your employees by using our maintenance switches. Wire wound, steel grid and cast iron resistors guarantee smooth processes. We ensure during production that all technical devices are resistant to dust and dirt and have a long service life.

The appearance of cement plants is distinguished by long transport belts and complex plants. With reliable maintenance switches and long-lasting resistors, Spohn + Burkhardt contributes to intelligent processes for work in extreme conditions.


Our durable maintenance switches have sturdy housings and solid handles. They are resistant to dirt and dust that accumulate during production.

Depending on the housing, we can also install metal locking mechanisms so that you can attach a padlock. This enables especially safe work processes in the cement plant.


Whether a brake resistor or starter resistor, our wire wound, steel grid and cast iron resistors provide exactly what you need. From use on conveyor belts, stone crushers and large drives, Spohn + Burkhardt resistors are especially well-suited.

The high overload capacity and temperature resistance support the enormous performance capability. We guarantee the durability of the resistors based on the high-quality cast iron elements, alloyed stainless steel and insulated wire.

You can choose many additional elements yourself. We can also manufacture special resistors for you. With us, this means that you determine the output, size, housing and design and material of the resistor.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at +49 73 44 171-0. We can advise you in finding the right technology for your cement plant and which special solutions you need.