High-quality solutions for mobile cranes

Whether construction work, loading work or salvage work – operators of mobile cranes often work in challenging and even dangerous conditions. All the more reason that you have to be able to count on your mobile crane.

Our joysticks and foot pedals guarantee optimal and safe work processes with their technical state of development. 


Countless tasks require the use of mobile cranes. From bridge building and the construction of wind energy plants to rescue and salvage work, safety and function play a central role in all applications.

Foot pedals

Safe foot pedals offer the foot a firm hold. For this reason, we install foot plates with ergonomic ribbing and equip the pedals with a heel edge and stable fastening possibilities. The control can be single or multi-stage or analogue with reset.


The joysticks CS1, NS3 and HS2 are designed for complex and diverse control functionalities. Bus and amplifier circuit boards, activation of solenoid valves and a non-wearing 3D Hall sensor system can be integrated. All three joysticks are extremely compact and thus also well-suited for use in small cabins. Optimally combined with our handles and buttons, they can achieve outstanding performance.

We can gladly equip the control transmitters listed here according to your requirements. Our cross-product modular system makes it possible to quickly develop new solutions in order to meet special requirements. 

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