Our solutions for ships and harbors

Long work hours, changing shift operation, heavy time pressure and extreme weather are some of the challenges for harbors and ships. They need solutions that they can count on one hundred percent of the time. We have designed our joysticks, control stations, resistors and control station pillars specifically for these applications. 

What sets us apart: We offer you integrated solutions from a single source that are adapted to your specific requirements.


We are specialists for joysticks, control stations and resistors. Because ships and harbors pose very specific challenges for work and employees, we highly recommend some of our solutions. 

Joysticks/switches for ships

All of our joysticks and switches for ships (joysticks ST1, NS2KA or NS0-SFA) are made of salt-water-resistant material. We also offer a wide variety of options with digital direction contacts, pushbutton in the handle, etc. You decide how the switch should look and which functions it has.

The lever throw can be chosen individually. On request, we can equip them with CAN, CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET or PROFIsafe.

And, of course, we also produce custom made per customer requirements.

Control stations

Operation of cranes in container harbors require endurance and precision. In order to enable comfortable and healthy work, we have equipped our control stations with a variety of adjustment options and excellent ergonomics.

Our comfort seats are recognizable by the full body contoured backrest, the optimal side support and incorporated fins to help reduce stress on the spine. On request, we can also integrate a headrest, electric seat heater and operator presence switch. The memory function stores the individual settings of each worker.

The optimal seat is supplemented with the foot rest that turns with the system and is available in various designs.

The control consoles offer variable angle adjustment with gas shock assist. As a result, the console cover has a slight inward slope in order to provide the best possible arm support. The angle of the armrests can be individually adjusted with optional length adjustment.

In order to guarantee an unobstructed view, the comfort seat has a u-cut seat. This gives a clear line of sight below. In the process, the tilt of the entire seat can be adjusted individually and it can be moved on a horizontal rail. In addition, the control stations can be equipped with electric or manual rotation.

All features are customizable; we adapt your control station to your special requirements.


Resistors that are installed in harbors or on ships must have some specific properties. Whether you choose a wire wound resistor, steel grid resistor or cast iron resistor, we produce each of them to meet your requirements. They are made of high quality stainless steel alloy and non-rusting. Naturally, they are also saltwater-proof.

We ensure that the resistor sections are easy to replace, so that you can count on a long service life of your resistor.

We produce resistors with thermal switches and internal or external cooling fans according to your requirements. The connections are always easily accessible. You choose the type of mounting (wall or floor).

We ask what you need and then produce your special resistor.

On deck controllers

The housings of the on deck control stations are also produced from a saltwater-proof cast aluminum alloy. We ensure that they operate reliably even in the harshest conditions and extreme temperatures. The generally have a high protection rating and can be equipped with components for use in explosion-prone areas.

If you order on deck control stations for inland waterway navigation to ocean navigation, we configure them according to your requirements. You can also choose the housing size and shape with special custom productions in stainless steel.

integrated solutions – the plug-and-play system

Are you looking for more than one single product? With our plug-and-play system, we offer you a turnkey system, which eliminates a lot of the work for you. From the cabin to the operator control unit, bus systems and master switches to the air conditioning system, everything fits together. Simple assemble and plug in – done.

Additional "accessories" that improve your work processes, such as floor slide systems for the control stations, foot pedals or portable control stations matching your products are also available.

Ask our team at +49 73 44 171-0. We advise you and build the optimal solution for your requirements.