Durable technology for steel mills

All technical solutions that are used in steel mills, whether joysticks (foot) switches, control stations or resistors, must withstand a great deal: extreme temperatures uninterrupted use in shift operation and heavy soiling.

We design devices that reduce stress for workers and can offer a long service life even in difficult conditions. 


Extreme heat, dirt and round-the-clock shift operation – entirely special conditions prevail in a steel mill. For this purpose, we give a great deal of consideration to the technology that you use there.


The joysticks VNS0 and NNS0 are especially well-suited for heavy-duty use. They are both durable metal precision joysticks with pressure-cast aluminum consoles and metal gears. Of course, they are ozone-, UV- and oil-resistant and can be used in Ex applications.

For sensitive work in severe conditions, we recommend the NS3 bus professional. Bearing in a special bronze/plastic pairing enables especially precise and highly sensitive control.

The VNS2 is primarily used in steel mills and large cranes working in the harshest conditions. We have also developed it specifically for the mechanical and environmental challenges of the steel industry and crane operation. In addition to a variety of individual functions and attachments, we equip it with a special alloy, aluminum rosette, metal gear and cast drive block.

We equip all joysticks with additional control elements, depending on functionality and your requirements. Our portfolio comprises a large variety of handles, buttons and electronic components.

Control stations

Our entire portfolio is available to you with the control stations. Of course, we can also develop custom solutions according to your specific requirements.

An important development for control stations is the memory function. It stores the individual seat settings of the employees and facilitates shift changes.


Our wire wound resistors, steel grid resistors and cast iron resistors are all extremely robust and long-lasting. Whether for small or very high outputs, we build them so that they suit your exact conditions. We also ensure that the resistor sections and other wear parts are easily accessible and can be individually replaced. So, nothing stands in the way of a service life of several decades.

Additional control elements

Our foot pedals and our pendants are constructed in robust material and processed so that uninterrupted use, very high temperatures and heavy soiling do not impair the control functions.

Robustness and durability are a matter of course for us specifically in the steel industry. And when it comes to wear parts, we provide replacements quickly and reliably. You can also count on a worldwide dealer network and good service.

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