Technology that you can count on

In order to bring your passengers safely to their destination, you need technology that you can count on.

The travel and braking controllers, joysticks and resistors that we manufacture specially for the railway sector are durable and designed to provide error-free operation for a service life spanning several decades. 


The railway industry is a multifaceted sector. With main line trains, regional trains, trams and subways, countless numbers of people and goods are transported each day. Safety above all else plays an essential role. Therefore, the reliability of our technology is worth its weight in gold. 


We have developed the special FBS travel and braking controller for the railway sector. It is distinguished by its modular ergonomic design and resistance to ozone and UV radiation, which make it very durable. We implement the dead man function, partly mechanical-electrical, partly with capacitive sensor and evaluation electronics, depending on the handle shape.  

Of course, we also produce custom joystick solutions. We combine such finesses as mechanical reset blocks, multiple detents and numerous positively actuated contacts.


Joysticks are also used in the railway sector. The basis for this in most applications are usually our jack-of-all-trades ST0 and VNS0. They are based on our intelligent modular system and can be produced in series or custom solutions. Metal gears and metal cast drive blocks make them extremely robust.

Of course, we adapt the functionalities to suit your requirements. Would you like a step switch or a switch with self-resetting? How many locking contact and momentary contact positions do you need? Which double contact elements, microswitches, optoelectronic sensors and Hall sensors should be used? What special details, such as silver or gold contacts or designs must we factor in?

For further information, please contact us. We can help you plan everything from individual parts and series to complete, integrated solutions. Our worldwide dealer network supports you with optimal service.